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Welcome to wellpaidwomen.com where we help women who want to work from home, build a successful eco-conscious business so that they too can earn a great income, help a lot of people, have a ton of fun and experience more freedom in their lives. Once people get educated on what we do, they usually say – this just makes sense!

We are a caring, self-motivated and driven group of women whose mission is to enhance the quality of women’s lives. Like most women, we would wake up many mornings thinking of ways to have more flexibility to do the things that are important to us without having to take a loss in income. We found the perfect home business and we’d love to share it with you.  Get to know us!

We represent a U.S. based manufacturer of high-quality consumer products, similar to those found in Whole Foods or Trader Joes but offered at Walmart and Target price point.  Our role is simple; we educate others in our community about the manufacturer and show them how to receive $100 in free groceries for trying out their online grocery store. We also educate them on how to receive cash back on products that they purchase from stores like Best Buy, Target, JCPenny and more… That’s it!

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We do not sell anything, the products are not for resale. We simply educate people about our manufacture via an online or in-person overview. By doing so, the potential customer can make an informed decision as to whether they’d like to start shopping directly with the manufacturer.

Absolutely, and we are here to mentor and guide you on building a successful business. No experience required, but you do need to have a desire, be self-motivated and have a great work ethic because that’s what it takes to earn six figures or more in any job or business.

Here’s what we know, your earning potential is limitless. You can build your business part-time, full-time, steadily or speedy. Your choice is totally up to you. On-going training and support is available to ensure that you can continue to earn beautiful flowers, car bonuses,  awards, trips, and cash bonuses from home in your business.

If you’re already working hard for someone else, surely you can do that for yourself and have more flexibility to do the things that really matter to you, right? It all starts with a decision and dedicating a few hours a week to get the ball rolling.

*Please Note: Results may vary from person to person.

If you happen to stumble across this site on your own, click HERE to fill out the online form and one of our members will be in touch.

Did someone refer you here? Get back with them to set up a time to review one of our 14 weekly educational overviews.  In the overview you will learn more about our products, the benefits of switching stores, and revenue sharing if that is something of interest to you.

P.S. We help men too!! ♥

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People thrive when you empower them to shape their own story.

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Enhance the lives of those we touch by helping them reach their goals – physically, environmentally, personally and financially. 

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