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People Thrive When You Empower Them to Create Their Own Story

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Welcome to Well Paid Women International, a community designed to help you create a part-time or full-time income that gives you the freedom to live well and work from anywhere.

If you …

  • are tired of giving your job the best of you and going home giving your family whats left
  • are planning to have a family and want to stay home with your future babies
  • know you want to start a business but you don’t know what type of business to start
  • already have a business but want to diversify your entrepreneurial portfolio
  • are a stay at home mom or homemaker looking to add to your household income
  • love your job but want another stream of income without interfering with what you do

…then you’re in the right place!

Seven out of 10 people in North America live paycheck to paycheck. It’s likely that most people around you are stressed, strapped and strained every day. But it doesn’t have to be that way.

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We are a caring, self-motivated and driven group of women whose mission is to enhance the quality of women’s lives. Like most women, we would wake up many mornings thinking of ways to have more flexibility to do the things that are important to us without having to take a loss in income.

We have proven track records of earning multiple six figures and beyond from home, and we’re dedicated to helping other women reach their income goals.

We are customers of a U.S. based manufacturer that has a revenue sharing program for their online grocery store. It’s full of high-quality non perishable items like those you use every day. These products are safer for you, your family and the environment. Think Whole Foods or Trader Joes but at Walmart and Target prices.

Our role is simple; we educate others about the manufacturer, which helps them acquire more customers who want better quality products at a great price. We also educate them how to receive $100 in free groceries and cash back on products that they purchase from stores like Best Buy, Target, JCPenny and more!

We do not sell anything, the manufacturer is not like Mary Kay, Avon or companies like Amway. We are not distributors, we simply educate people about our manufacture via an online or in-person overview. By doing so, the potential customer can make an informed decision as to whether they’d like to start shopping directly with the manufacturer.

If you happen to stumble across this site on your own, click HERE to fill out the online form and one of our members will be in touch.

If someone sent you here to learn more about our community, get back with them to set up a time to review one of our 14 weekly educational overviews.  In the overview you will learn more about our products, the benefits of switching stores, and revenue sharing if that is something of interest to you.

P.S. We help men too!! ♥


If you have the desire to improve your income… THEN WE HAVE THE PLAN! Our experienced mentors will coach you on how to start, run, and grow a profitable side-business that is structured around community, service and shared success.

Check out some of our members below. If you’re open to learning more, click here to request an educational overview.


Enhance the lives of those we touch by helping them reach their goals – physically, environmentally, personally and financially. 

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An exemplary life is defined by – Virtue, Longevity, Prosperity and Good Health. It’s what this symbol represents, and keeps us consciously aware of these four areas of our lives.