Daily Habits That Drain Our Energy

As humans we all face challenges that weigh us down and affect us physically and psychologically. Certain things we engage in tends to drain our energy and no matter what we do, there doesn’t seem to ever be enough energy to go around. In this article I share 12 daily habits that drain our energy. These activities may seem normal to most individuals but in reality they may end up being toxic to the person in the long run and will need to be to be put in check at some point.

Here are a few of these habits, if you happen to be practicing any you should strongly reconsider your choice of habits.

Taking things personally

This is one of the chief reasons for drained energy. If you’re one of those ‘Short fuse’ type of people it’s likely that your propensity for unnecessary anger bursts may be the reason you find yourself very tired every other day.

Holding on to the past

This will most likely lead to overthinking about a past experience which was unsavoury and may lead to depression.


This is for those that literally ‘Work themselves to the bone’. If you’re guilty of this habit, it’s imperative you start ‘Chilling out’ for the sake of your health.

Fueling drama

Some may say this is more of a female thing but it’s the same for both sexes. Avoid unnecessary confrontations especially in the workplace or school.


Having a poor diet

A lot of us are very guilty of this particular habit, with some of us claiming to not have time for food. It is important to eat well along with some healthy snacks from time to time.

Complaining all the time

Complain less, stay positive. It’s that simple.


As already explained in number 2, try to let go of the past, hanging on to it leads to overthinking.


As funny as it may sound, this particular activity is unhealthy and as such one should mind his/her business.

Not living in the moment

Try to enjoy those precious moments in your life, life is short.

Trying too hard to please others

Try to not be a ‘Yes’ man or woman, learn to say no in certain situations and you will find yourself conserving energy.

Always checking your e-mail

Stay off your mail and eradicate nervousness.

Not keeping your home or workspace clean

A regularly clean home or workplace saves your energy more often than not.

Take note of these habits, if you’re guilty of a few of them or most of them, be sure to curb them and you will be very glad you did.

What resonates with you most about these daily habits that drain our energy? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to learn from you!

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