5 Things to Quit Doing Now

A few of us on the team have seen a quote card floating around social media that says “5 Things to Quit Now” and had a discussion about it.

Here are the five things:

1. Trying to please everyone.
2. Fearing change.
3. Living in the past.
4. Putting yourself down.
5. Overthinking.

We think it’s really great advice and decided to give a short summary of why we should quit each below.


Trying to please everyone is rooted in the feeling of rejection. The irony is, because you appear to be less than sincere; the very people you are trying to get approval from are the individuals who reject you. There are times you might end up doing something you really don’t want to and at those times it shows, you might not realise it, but it does. So avoid trying to please everyone and please yourself first.



Fact is, most people feel that if things change they might fail or achieve less or maybe something bad might happen; now this is one thing that makes most people fail even before they try. One thing that everyone should grow up believing is that change is constant whether you like it or not. And people are scared of things changing because of uncertainty about the future, mainly because they fear not having control.

Do your best to let go of what you can’t control (the outcome from starting what you want to change) and instead focus on the fact you can control how you see the situation. Know that uncertainty is truly inevitable, but the unknown could turn out to be ridiculously amazing.


Being haunted by past events and putting the burden from the past into your present life can hurt your career, relationships and so much more. You should always forget things that hurt you as soon as possible. Also, you should keep dreaming about your future consistently while doing your work today, which is sometimes hard but rewarding.


Stop putting others above you and decide that even criticisms won’t deter you from achieving your goals. Start out by making a list of things you’ve completed and things you love about yourself. Maybe you’ve got lovely hair, or you’re a genius at public speaking.
These tips would assist in doing that:

  • Start your day with strong affirmations.
  • Stop negative talk.
  • Treat your self like a friend and not an enemy.
  • Stop comparison of yourself with others.
  • Forgive your errors.


This is an issue that shouldn’t be treated as unimportant because it affects both physical and emotional aspects of our lives. You should try to distract yourself into happiness and not to bore your soul with some wild or negative thoughts about yourself. We should remember the fact that all we have to do, all we can do, is follow our minds. If we can handle what excites us, life will do the rest.

Which one resonates with you most about 5 things to quit doing now? Let us know in the comments below. We’d love to learn from you!

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