Why I Started My Business

Twenty-two years ago when I walked into my boss’s office to turn in my two week notice he said, “Why resign when you’ve just received a promotion?”

I explained to him that I had grown a decor business part-time because I wanted to have more control over how I spent my time, especially since I had a new baby boy! I told him that I was excited because I was earning more in my business than I was on my job!!!

Knowing he was “kinda” the reason I got started (more about that later), he looked at me with a snarky smile and said, “Good luck with that, you’ll have a place here WHEN you need to come back.”

Guess what? I’ve not gone back, in fact I’ve not had a boss since 1996? 🎉

There was something that led up to me starting my business. It was my breaking point, or my defining moment as some would say. A few weeks earlier the director from my son’s daycare called and said he had been crying profusely and they couldn’t figure out what was wrong. My boss was sitting right there listening, and when I hung up the phone he said that my son would be OK and that I couldn’t leave.



I was like 😳…are you kidding me?! He knew my baby was only 3 months old! I was sooo frustrated!!! I had to call my grandmother to ask for help. Thank God she was retired!

Back to my boss, I’m looking at him thinking – after 4 years of hard work, doing double shifts and not using sick days, he still refused to let me leave to pick up my baby!! I was DONE!!

I was done giving them the best of me to go home and give my family what was left. I wanted OUT!!!… and never wanted to feel like that again. Fast forward years later… I’m sitting at our dining table filling out a contract for a project I was bidding on and I just happen to notice that my sons feet wasn’t dangling from our sofa anymore, he’d grown so tall. I put down my pen and just stared at him!

I felt my eyes getting teary so I went upstairs to my bedroom. Here’s why: I missed out on so much of his life because (drumroll)… I didn’t own a business, I OWNED a job! Yep, you read right… I owned a job!

Basically, my business owned me, and like most small business owners whose income is solely dependent on their own efforts – it controlled my life and all of my time. Even though it was supposed to give me back more of it.

A girlfriend called me a “dark to dark mom” (I left in the morning when it was dark and arrived late at night when it was dark). My son was a latch key kid and I had become a single mom. That was yet another defining moment, I had to do something to get my time back before my son graduated from high school! I wanted to save our relationship before it was too late.

Thank God someone shared their story with me, I’m truly grateful. I now work in a fulfilling business model that allows me to earn a full-time income from home and gave me the freedom to salvage my relationship with my son.

It feels great to have a flexible schedule that allows me to design my business around my life and not the other way around.

People often ask how much does one earn to become a well-paid woman. My response is always the same… it depends on the individual.

What being a well-paid woman means to you is usually a different definition to someone else, and we think that’s great. We don’t all have the exact same desires but after speaking to hundreds of women, what I find common is that most want to earn an extra $500 to $5,000 per month part-time and $5,500 – $40,000+ per month full-time from home.

What’s great is our team is full of committed women who are earning at both those levels and we are proud of that. If you wake up thinking there must be a better way, I’m here to tell you that there IS and we’ve found it!!

Get to know us, start by clicking HERE. Together we are achieving our goals. 🌸

It’s your turn: What does freedom mean to you? Let us know in the comment section below, or send us a message.

Thank you!

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Mimi Zackery is a loving mom and partner who has been a full-time entrepreneur since 1996. She's passionate about helping people, especially women build a successful home business, so that they too can earn a great income, help a lot of people, have a ton of fun and experience more freedom in their lives. Read her story here.